I'm Joe, 22, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands. In my spare time I do all sorts of whack and/or rad shit and some of it ends up here.

Le Hibou De Velours

27th April 2010


TBDM - Statutory Ape - “Hidden Message”

I’m sorry :)

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24th February 2010

Audio post with 3 notes - Played 99 times

Sea of Treachery Vs Tempa T. I like to call it “Sea of Pars”. Knocked together in Audacity in about 10 minutes. I now promise: No more Tempz-related posts (for at least a month).

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21st January 2010

Photo with 33 notes

I bloody love Graph Jam.

I bloody love Graph Jam.

16th January 2010


C-Gritz - “Nobody Leaves” Soundboard

Following the surprisingly successful online reception of the Tempz soundboard (which I’ve now found reposted all over the internet!) I was contacted a couple months ago by Nick from BlatantlyBlunt.com who’s now kindly reposted it on his blog. A week or so later he put me in contact with C Gritz (of Boy Better Know fame) and well… To cut a longish story short, he fancied having his own soundboard made, so I knocked this baby up for him. I decided to make this one a little more professional considering this was actually done on request and not just a silly little thing I put together for jokes. Gritz is pretty chuffed with it and I gotta say I’m pretty happy with it too. Enjoy :)

18th November 2009


Made using http://www.graphjam.com ;) check it out.

Made using http://www.graphjam.com ;) check it out.